RC Models

I  have been into RC models for a while now. I chose to start out with the  most diffcult - the helicopter.
The pic on the right shows a Hummingbird v2. Difficult for beginners but a very good little model. In the end I got a much easier to fly coaxial heli and after some practise with this I managed to do some simple flying with the Hummingbird.
I got a much larer heli for a while. It was a 30 class Hirobo Shuttle. I actually converted this i.c. model to electric. Interestingly, larger models can be easier to fly. Pic on the right.
The two pics to the left show a 400 class electric heli called the Ark X400. This is a very good quality model. The flying shot show the model with training undercarriage.
The pic above shows my first fixed wing model. It is a 40 inch span foam electric 400 Cessna. Unfortunately it crashed first time out, an event that would be repeated with several other models!
The pic to left shows my first kit built airplane. This again was a 400 class electric. It was a 3-channel setup so did not use ailerons. It proved to be the easiest flier I'd had so far and made several good flights till it hit the dirt.
On the left is a pic of an early plan built model. The plan was free with a magazine and its creator called it the Whizza. As can be seen I renamed my example. This was a great model, both to build and to fly. It's a 400 electric with  32 inch span.
Unfortunately I did not take pics of my other models.  There were a lot of them, mainly planes. I did build one boat. I bought a vac-formed hull and added the hardware.
I recently had a bit of a break with RC models but I'm back into it now. I have discovered drones. These are much easier to fly than helis and many come with cameras for aerial photography.